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The Bark Wise No-Shock Dog Collar is a way to train your dog without using inhumane methods. It uses a variety of features to cue your dog calmly into proper behavior. Me and my wife bought one a while back because we got a Jack Russell Terrier a few months ago. We loved him, but his barking was bothering the neighbors in our complex. We didn’t want to get in trouble with the manager so we looked online to see what we could find. There were a lot of shocks or static collars, but electricity is painful and not only did we not want to hurt him but we also know that training any animal with pain makes them angrier and meaner. We wanted our dog to live a happy life, and that can’t happen without giving them a happy upbringing.

The Bark Wise No-Shock Dog Collar emits either a vibration or an audible or high-frequency noise to cue the dog to stop barking. It uses a variety of features to allow you to train your dog. A lot of dog collars don’t offer the kind of features this product has. That’s why I bought it.

I didn’t want something that would just beep automatically if my dog barked. I wanted something that I could use to train my dog for a variety of reasons. The device comes with a remote you can use to activate it whenever a dog exhibits poor behavior. That way, you can avoid the hassle of getting other devices. It’s like dog remote really. It worked perfectly for our terrier.

The device allows you to set it to set several settings. The coolest one is the audible setting. People need to know that the device is activating correctly. The company says that this sound is meant to allow the buyers to see that the device is working. That is a serious issue with other dog collars I’ve used in the past. They wouldn’t activate.

I can also set the device to vibrate or high frequency if the audible one gets irritating. I’ve found the high-frequency one to be perfect. It allows me to go about business without hearing it, and it seems to be more effective in the dog. I don’t think he likes the sound, but it’s human, and that’s what matters. The vibrate would get him going too. He didn’t like it, and he would jump up. I used it when he would jump on the couch all the time.

My wife and I loved the dog collar. It was better than hurting my dog for the comfort of others. It had all the features that I wanted too. It worked great. My neighbors never had a problem with it either. They came by and apologized.about me having to get rid of the dog! I felt it beat not to tell them otherwise. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to train their dog. It works perfectly.

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