Anti Bark Collar Petco

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680-DCV Rechargeable (VIBRATION) (NO PRONGS) No Bark Dog Collar works For Most Pet Dogs and is effective and easy to use…

Anti Bark Collar Petco


VERY IMPORTANT: This product works great!! The fact is that the collar will work effectively 9 out of 10 dogs!!
Please Read:

Unfortunately, there is No One Solution for All Dogs!!

Occasionally, a stubborn dog cannot be trained to respond to a No-bark collar. Sometimes even a properly trained dog may disobey a command. Therefore, there are Invisible Technologies, its distributors, and dealers cannot guarantee that the system will work in all environmental cases.

If your dog is not responding to the dog collar. There is a no question money back guarantee so please just return for full refund it is that simple.

*** EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – The Sensitivity Level is set on Level 4 as default. All Pet Owners Please You Need to Back Down the Sensitivity to Level One

First bark initiates a warning tone. Dog quickly relates the warning tone to their barking and learns to stop barking (the intent), this is followed by a second warning tone only. On the 3rd level there is a tone followed by a small static shock and repeating to 7 levels of sensitivity. Then the collar resets.

You can make the collar less sensitive by adjustments using the “+” /”-” buttons If your dog barks loud leave at level one. Adjust the collar according to the sound and size of your pet dog.

Although the Anti Bark Collar’s microprocessor is designed to differentiate your dog’s individual bark and most environmental noises, the unit may occasionally be activated by other sounds.

Anti Bark Collar Petco

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***Looking for a Static & Vibrate Rechargeable – THE ULTIMATE!!!

No Bark Dog Collar – Classic Ultimate 651-DCSV Rechargeable (ELECTRONIC & VIBRATE) No Bark Dog Collar ( Mini & Small Dogs 4lbs plus) Bark Training Solution.

(Brand New Arrival) 100% Lifetime Product Warranty

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Anti Bark Collar Petco

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