3 Pit Bulls Training To Greet Greeting People Attack Little Kid Pitbull Train Puppy Pup

This is video 9 and is all about greeting strangers. It is very important to have control on your dog regardless of distractions. Running up to people to say hi might be innocent but can be scary for the person on the other end. Teaching a dog to see a distraction and wait for approval is a big part of training at higher levels, it’s key to good obedience. I can walk off leash with Xena Achilles and Pandora in a forrest and if they see a squirrel they will freeze and look at me..I reward them by letting them chase the animal which they never catch lol. There are times when i don’t reward them by sending them like skunks or racoons. Pit bulls should have massive amounts of prey drive and will want to chase anything that moves. They also are people loving but 5 grown dogs running up to a stranger is not a good feeling for the poor person receiving the greeting. Hope this helps.

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